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Archived Smirk

Aah, to live in San Francisco! The only city in the country where the city health department takes a full page ad (Page 34 in the SF Weekly, dated July 15 and reprinted on page 35&#41 to try and stop the spread of AIDS (which is obviously a good thing&#41. What I am the most happy about is the gratuitous use of the word "Fuck" in the ad. Actually, they used the word "Fuck" or some derivation of the word "Fuck" nine times. Hell, that's 6 times more than I used the word in this smirk! On top of that, it's the only time I think a health department has used the term "cumming" in the United States. Hell, they didn't even use the more clinical "coming"… they really used "cumming". Don't believe me? Get a copy of the paper and see for yourself!

And, for all of you waiting with baited breath to find out about the haircut… It was a definite smirk! Andrea at WAK Shack did a phenomenal job… even threw in some bleach for good measure!

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