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Pucker up, baby!

I want to wear lipstick, I really do. I carry around several tubes with me every day, as a matter of fact. I just can't seem to make it work for me. I'm guessing that whoever invented lipstick didn't actually expect the wearer to eat, drink, or smoke, because whenever I've ventured out of the house with it on, my lips revert back to their pale pink state in a matter of 45 minutes or so. When I heard that Stila was introducing a lip stain, I thought all of my lip color problems would finally be solved. Finding it was another problem. Every Stila counter was sold out of it, so thinking that this has GOT to be good stuff since it was already so scarce, put myself on the waiting list (without even asking about the price, which could have been $75 a tube for all I knew&#41. It finally arrived, and the makeup counter lady took great pains in extolling the virtues of the wonderful vegetable dye which was to impart on my lips a beautiful rosey-colored stain which would last for THREE WHOLE DAYS! I couldn't WAIT to use this stuff. Needless to say, $28 and a few uses later it's now being toted around as a companion for all the other lipsticks in my bag. Lies, all lies! I'm thinking perhaps a day on Planet Stila must be a mere 1.25 hours in length.  Is it just me?

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