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Work and Word Problems

Let's say that there's a workplace. In this workplace there's a boss [x], a diligent, hardworking employee [a], a receptionist [b], and the boss' son [c]. [C] got married and went on his two week honeymoon. [A] fills in for [c], and since [x] needs to be supported (administratively, that is&#41 at ALL times, [b] will fill in for [a] (and sit at her desk&#41, which makes [a] REALLY mad. You see, [a] is VERY protective of her space and her e-mail and her computer files, and doesn't like her phone to smell like other people's perfume. She doesn't want other people's lipstick on her phone receiver, and she doesn't like other people eating her candy without asking first. She doesn't like other people throwing away her red plastic SOLO water cup, and she certainly doesn't want other people rearranging her desk! And lastly, she doesn't like other people asking stupid questions about Windows and the computer and, like, how to copy a file onto a disk. GOOD LORD, it is1998! Can you guess who [a] is?!       

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