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Sazeracs at Enrico’s

Whoa nellie! What the hell was in those drinks last night? Yesterday, we decided to go out with Carlos, a friend from work. We all met up at Enrico’s… the bar previously ripped to shreds in Janet’s comments in the Respect section above. You see, two years ago, I used to be able to go to Enrico’s and ask for a Mojito or a Sazerac, and they would make it up without question. Last week, when we went to Enrico’s and asked for a Sazerac, all we got was a blank stare.

This week, when we back to Enrico’s, a different bartender was there, so we decided to ask for two Sazeracs.

Instead of the expected blank stare, we got “Hold on, let me check and see if we have the proper bitters”. Over the next few minutes, the bartender explained how he had the privilege of being able to go to the Sazerac Bar in New Orleans, where he learned the right way to make a Sazerac. He’s planning on telling the person in charge of re-stocking the bar to order Peychaud Bitters so we can get a Sazerac next time. In the meantime, he made a great rye Manhattan.

After drinks at Enrico’s, we went out for dinner at Tommaso’s and then headed to 850 Montgomery. Strange, Last week, I drank MORE at 850 Montgomery and felt perfectly fine afterwards… last night, after only 3 drinks, I came home feeling quite woozy. That’s what I get for ending the night with a Vodka Collins… the ghosts of old bartenders passed were punishing me for drinking the evil, flavorless vodka. I repent! I’ll never drink vodka again!

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