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Award winning beer and plebian food

Award winning beer and plebian food

Review of: Upstream Brewing Company
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 4
Read review on Judy’s Book.

Food: 2.5 of 5
Beer: 5 of 5

My work brings me to Omaha every once in a while, and when there, I always try to get in a few beers at Upstream.

The beer is fantastic – world class by any definition, and they have a healthy number of Great American Beer Fest awards to prove it. I even brought a growler (half gallon) home last time just to prove to the locals that there is good beer in Nebraska (but my wife and I ended up drinking it before we could share).

The food was pretty lackluster – overglorified TGI Friday’s fare. The Jambalaya was fair and extremely oversized, and a colleague’s salad was, well, salad.

Definitely worth a quick pint if you’re in the Old Market area.

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