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Food, so far…

Since we still are waiting for our kitchen to arrive from Ikea (scheduled for Tuesday morning), we have been relegated to eating out the last few days…

Breakfast on Thursday:
The local bakery next to our apartment.

Lunch on Thursday:
NY Bagel Sandwich. Real bagels, boiled and frozen in New York, and then final baked in Cologne. They also own the Ben and Jerry’s franchise for Cologne. Great bagels – I had a basic bagel with cream cheese and lox and was instantly transported back to the delis in New England.

Dinner on Thursday
la Conca d’Oro: Right around the corner from our apartment, we gave this Italian restaurant a chance since it is the closest pasta/pizza shop in the area. The food was much better than expected. Fantastic bruschetta, great chocolate mousse, exceptional lasagne and fresh Gaffel and Budweiser (the Czech stuff, not the American corn-water). H: Reichensbergerplatz.

Breakfast on Friday:
Croissants and coffee from the bakery across the street.

Lunch on Friday:
Chicken Farm: A little Greek stand selling all sorts of chicken stuff. Chicken burgers (Janet had one) with cheese, chicken döner (Avery had one), roasted chickens, fries (chicken free). Excellent quality and very affordable. H: Ebertplatz.

Dinner on Friday:
Konfuzius: Took a chance after the excellent chinese at Jade in Munich. What can we say? Not Jade, but still very good. Nice selection of Dim Sum (wor tip, char xiu bao, fried wontons), good main courses (Sichuan Chicken) and a nice selection of teas. A perfect place 10 minutes from home. H: Ebertplatz.

Lunch on Saturday:
McDonalds. I know… I know… I hate McDonalds too, but we were running errands downtown and needed sustinance to make it through the afternoon. Janet had the Chicken Big Mac. I had the new Bigger Mac. Yeah, we regret it. H: Pretty much everywhere.

Dinner on Saturday:
Tandoor Palace: One of the best Indian restaurants we have been to. Amazingly good papadums, a great lamb tikka appetizer, and the best Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Jalfrezi we have had in a long time. Also delivers through United Kitchens. H: Rudolfplatz.

Ok, we needed to stop at our favorite Irish Pub, Jameson’s for a few Guinnesses and some whiskey. A perfect end to our first culinary adventures here in Cologne. H: Friesenplatz.

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