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We’re Back

Ok. Here’s the thing. When we said that we were going to start writing on “Scowl, Nu?” again back in March, we had all of the best intentions to follow through with it. But let’s face it, living in Hartford sucks all of the creative hostility out of you and just replaces it with plain old hostility. Vengeful hostility. The sort of hostility that makes you want to sit in a dark room and plan your escape from this East Coast Hell.
Well, a three day, three thousand mile drive later and we’re back in the land that begat the Scowl sites. Yep… as of July 6, 2002 – the Glassers are back in San Francisco… and this time it’s permanent. The three year exile is finally over!
Now excuse us, but it’s time to head to the Toronado for a beer.
Your Ever-Faithful Scowlers,
— Avery and Janet

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