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Well there… I’ve got a lot to tell y’all about, but I just don’t have the energy to get into extreme detail here… so consider this the quick-and-dirty version of the last week at the Toronado.

Wednesday – Talk about a really freaky afternoon. I left the office at the usual time… and lo and behold, Jocelyn’s friend Shadee (check older barfly chronicles for more about her) got on the bus. Two stops down, Jocelyn’s brother Paul got on the bus. Ok… Shadee, Paul and me… all on the same bus (which I have never seen either of them on before). That’s a little bizarre.

The last time I saw Paul was at the Toronado, so when Shadee got off the bus at Van Ness Ave, we decided to head back to the Toronado for a beer. But first… we had to make a stop at the comic book shop. Five minutes later, we were at Comix Experience, and a few minutes after that, we were at the bar.

For the next few hours, Paul, Janet (she met us at the bar) and I drank a few rounds of beer before we went our separate ways.

Thursday – Carlos and I went to Speakeasy Brewery for four hours of drinking and cigar smoking. God, I love it there. Forest provided us with the prospectus and disclosure for the preferred stock offering which was just approved by the State of California. We agree to read the document and plan to meet at the Toronado on Friday to discuss the matter more thoroughly.

Friday – Since Carlos and I were planning on going to the Toronado to meet with Forest, we decided to invite Molly from the office and just have a end-of-week venting at the bar. Beer, beer, beer, beer, Janet arrives, beer, beer, beer, my ex-soccer captain (and Molly’s friend) Paul shows up, beer, beer beer, Forest and his wife Julia show up, beer, beer, beer, Janet, Carlos and I become co-owners of Speakeasy Brewery, beer, beer, beer.

Seriously. Carlos, Janet and I decided to make the plunge and each bought some shares of Speakeasy. Sure, we’re relatively minor investors (owning a little less than 1/10 of a percent each), but it’s the principle. Plus, now that we buy a Speakeasy beer, we’re putting money in our pockets.

Saturday – Post RENT trip to the Toronado (11pm to 1:30am). Drank some beers, talked to Steve Miner (who took some pictures of us a few months ago at the bar), watched some guy get kicked out of the bar for pissing off Johnny, drank a Hennepin (a Saison style American beer) and a Saison Dupont (a Belgian Saison – or spring- beer). Went home. Slept.

That’s all I can muster up for an entry. Remember: Drink Speakeasy Beer!

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