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The other night I was lying around looking at the invitation to my company's holiday party and, much to Avery's boredom, was going on and on about how terrible it was that both the word "coriander" and the word "vegetables" were spelled incorrectly on the RSVP card ("I mean, if you're going to use the fancy font and the heavy paper and color in the borders with a gold marker, you would think that you would at least run the Spell Check…") which led to me going on and on about the terrible state of the workplace today, and how infuriating it is when you see certain people just slack, slack, slacking the day away, and how unfair it is that these careless, unprofessional workers will never get fired simply because their bosses don't want to go through that whole troublesome hiring process again, and how cosmically frustrating it is that these certain invitation-designing people somehow end up smelling like roses at the end of many a day, no matter what they do (or don't do, whichever the case may be.) Then, in a flash of spite, I proceeded to correct all the errors on the invitation with a red pen, and planned on giving it back to the slacker in question (because, god dammit, if her boss wasn't going to tell her she was a sloppy worker, then I would!) 

Avery eventually talked me out of that pettiness, but it was at that moment I realized just how Frank Grimesian* I had become.

[*Frank Grimes is a one-time Simpsons character who came from nothing, but worked hard for what little he had in life and successfully conquered all the obstacles in his path. He got a job at the nuclear power plant and was very, very bothered that Homer had gotten so much by doing so little. He couldn't believe that he was the only one who was bothered by that fact, and the more he watched Homer come out on top by basically acting like a moron, the more he got upset, until he eventually electrocuted himself and died in a fit of hysterical anger. If there ever was any character that expressed my exact sentiments, that would definitely be the one.]

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