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A weird night

Last night seemed to have a weird vibe surrounding it…everything was normal, but just a little “off,” even at the Toronado. Sometimes you never know if you’re going to have a good night or a not-so-good night; a good night being one filled with running into people you know, having great conversations and a general great time, and a not-so-good one being one where everything is OK and no one pisses you off or anything, but it’s only just an OK time, and a little bit awkward-feeling, too. It was unexpectedly nice seeing Robert, and Ian and Johnny did not only one, but two Underbergs with us, but all in all the night was very uneventful. Only amusing quote of the night: “Oh, that really IS a Lambic” — Ian, mocking the guy who ordered a Lindemanns Framboise, took two sips, said “Oh, that really IS a Lambic,” and traded it in for a “light” beer (whatever that is.) 

The Clueless Hipster Award for last night goes to the blonde girl sitting near us. Whenever Avery leaves to go to the bathroom, to have a cigarette outside or to get something to eat, it seems like annoying people just flock to his empty seat like a magnet and hover around it, leaving me to have to beat them off with a stick because we usually have, as the bartenders like to call it, “prime real estate [seats].” Last night’s scenario went something like this: Blonde Girl and her group of Trendy Girlfriends are having a panic attack trying to find three seats together. I am sitting at the bar with my jacket in my lap and a drink in front of me. Next to me is Avery’s seat with his jacket on it, and on the bar in front of his seat is a full pint of beer, cigarettes and money. After the Trendies find two seats together, the Blonde Girl (who I presume was their leader) turns to me, looks at the bar, looks at me, and looks right at the seat with the jacket on it and asks (and I just knew this was coming, so I braced myself) “Is anyone sitting here?”

Note to whoever coined the phrase “There’s no such thing as a stupid question”: you can crawl out from under your rock any time now…  

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