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Woo boy! Tonight was Oktoberfest night at the Toronado. Now I know that you are thinking… ooh… Oktoberfest.. like every other bar in the country doesn’t have an Oktoberfest! The difference is that at the Toronado, the night is sponsored by Spaten, the German brewery that makes the best Marzen (also known as Oktoberfest or just Fest at most bars) beer in the world, sponsors the night. Spaten brings in the kegs, anniversary glasses and buys the sausages from Rosamunde. The

Toronado is just a beer hall that attracts the only people in San Francisco that would appreciate the joy of fresh Spaten Oktoberfest Bier.

Anyway… I polished off a full 2.25 liters of Spaten (one pint, three commemorative half liters and part of Janet’s half-liter). Janet had 1.25 liters (one pint, a full liter and another half of a commemorative half-liter). Last year, Janet and I won a ceramic Spaten liter stein and a Spaten T-shirt. This year, there was no raffle… instead we got tickets that went towards a free beer bratwurst from Rosamunde. Mmm. Beer Bratwurst. Needless to say, my dinner consisted of one Italian Sausage, two Beer Bratwursts a pickle and some potato salad. Janet had an Italian Sausage and some pizza.

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