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7:30 am. Waiting for a bus
Well, after getting up and dragging myself out to the bus this morning, I made a startling realization: There are no buses coming!
7:35 Waiting for a J-Church
That’s better. Just as I got to the corner where the new Rite Aid is being built (which, I might note is right under an AIDS hospice… tres tacky), I noticed a J-Church coming up Church Street. Yay. Then I was able to get a seat. Double Yay. Fast forward 5 minutes. Powell Street Station. A vagrant comes on the bus. Afore mentioned vagrant starts urinating in his pants. Yuck. Then said vagrant pulls out a handkerchief, and starts dabbing at his pant legs. Double Yuck. Then the vagrant smells the handkerchief and puts it back in his pocket. Triple Yuck.
I really need to get a job that I can walk to.

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