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Last night we went out for sushi. I was thinking how weird it was that we haven't mentioned sushi yet anywhere in our writing when it hit me: the last time we went out for sushi was before we even started this website! We used to be sushi addicts, going every other Saturday or so, until we realized how much it was draining our bank accounts and stopped doing that. We usually spend at least 2 hours at the sushi bar doing the whole nine yards: sushi, beer, sake, tea, more sake…and all the sushi specials we can fit into our stomachs! When we first started eating at Japanese restaurants when we lived in Boston, I never ordered sushi, only boring cooked dishes like Beef Teriyaki with Miso Soup and Side Salad. I can't believe I missed out on eating sushi all those months (years?&#41. After finally trying a piece one day and realizing that it actually tasted good, I became the raw fish's biggest fan. I quickly became a raw fish purist soon after, only ordering sashimi because I felt that it was fish in it's purest form. Whatever. I eat it all now!

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