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Neighbors From Hell

As you can tell by our previous Scowls and Topics of the Week, we really hate our neighbors. Now, the neighbors in the building next door are starting to piss me off. A few weeks ago, they started off by putting a bird feeder on their fire escape. That was nice, because it gives the cats had something to watch during the day. Then they added this damn windchime. Last night, I spent three long hours listening to the damn clanking of this windchime when I should have been sleeping. Melodic and smoothing, my ass!
I believe that your rights end where my nose begins… and that personal sovereignty ends where your property ends. Yes, the chimes are on the neighbor's property… but the noise that they make move into my property. That's the signal for them to take them down… or at least ask if they are bothering us.
People in California moan oppression whenever anyone asks them to take responsibility for themselves. I could imagine the confrontation now… there would be a lot of huffing and eye-rolling… and finally, the chimes would come down. Then for the next few months, they'd keep their music on loud and pound on the wall…. I would complain, they'd get louder. I'd go to the cops, they would finally stop. Is this how adults solve their problems in California?

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