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Yesterday, as Janet and I returned from Costumes on Haight (we had to drop off the costumes&#41… we stopped at Sunrise Market to grab a soda. The last time I was at Sunrise was maybe 2 years ago, and it was just a dingy little convenience store. Boy, have things changed! As we were looking for drinks, I happened to notice a bottle labled "Lucosade"… which I remembered as a sports drink from the UK. I didn't think much of it and continued looking around the shop.
What I sound our from the owner is that Sunrise is now becoming a convenience store with a homongous selection of British foods. They had Salad Cream and Curry Beans… lemon curd and Weetabix. The great thing is that they have all of the British Cadbury's Chocolates… including my favorite candy in the whole wide world: Cadbury Flake Bars. *Sigh* I am in limey heaven.

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