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I just got a pair of nerd glasses to match my geeky-ass personality. They really are kinda nerdy! They're black and really stand out on my face. (Now all I need is a piece of white tape –haw haw!&#41 Not only are they unique, but they were also 50% off. The downside to new glasses, though, is that on the first day you wear them everyone for some reason has to ask "are those new glasses?" and then proceed to study your face, making you feel all self conscious. (gosh, are they that ugly?&#41 As a special Smirk Bonus, I feel the need to mention that the TV show "Working" makes me smirk, nay laugh out loud every time I watch it. Once again, though, there is a downside, for in preparation for next season they have fired all of the women on the show and hired Debi Mazar. (???&#41 *Sigh* At least I still have Fred Savage.

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