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Universally Ignored Precautions

You know, I'm really scared. Today, I went to the doctor for a routine physical. Throughout my visit, I observed over a half-dozen incidents where cross contamination could occur. The urine sample gathering procedure, the thermometer, the volumeter (for my asthma&#41… It's funny… a piercer could be put out of business if they forget to change gloves after touching a door or a cabinet, and most people in a piercing studio are completely healthy. But, in a doctor's office, they can be less diligent on their septic procedures and it's accepted. The fact that the man sticking a needle in your arm is a licensed doctor does not make him any less of a cross-contamination risk than a tattoo artist or piercer. And it's the pierced people that they think are unsanitary. Sheesh.

Two Days Later… Ok, physical part two. before, I start this scowl, I have to say that my insurance company has generally been wonderful. The problem is this: Aetna has contracted with SmithKline Beecham to handle all lab work for people under their care. This isn't that much of an inconvenience… it just means that I had to go to a SmithKline lab by my office to do the blood-and-urine test. No biggie.
Anyway, as you could tell by my piercings and tattoos, needles don't bother me. So, the blood test was not a problem. The lab tech even switched gloves after touching the copier machine in a failed attempt to stay sterile. I have to say, I would rather have my piercer take the blood… he's better with a needle and more conscious of cross-contamination.
So, what am I scowling about? My damn bladder. I go, drink a liter of water before I get to the lab, get the little cup, head to the restroom and nothing. Not even a drop. So, I have to go back to the lab tech, give her the empty cup, and ask her to hold on while I go out and buy another liter of water.
So, the second liter is done, and I can still barely produce any pee… but it is enough. So, I hand back the cup to the technician and slink off to the bus stop at Market and Montgomery.
Of course, 2 minutes into the 20 minute bus ride home, the full 2 liters (minus the 30ml already disposed of&#41 decides that it's ready to participate in the previously scheduled urinalysis back at the lab.
I should have just had a few beers instead of the water before heading over to the lab in the first place. That would have done the trick.

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