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It’s been eight years…

It’s been eight years since I’ve left you babe, let me tell you ’bout what’s gone down…

A little over ten years ago, we started up Scowl, Nu? as a personal journal where we would write about our daily life in San Francisco. Scowl, Nu? turned into Scowlzine and along with a cast of fellow writers, we tried to bring an online magazine to market – well before today’s established blogging syndicates.

Then we stopped. Occasionally, we posted articles on Yelp or Judy’s Book, and rarely, we’d be inspired to write something on the site, but it just fell into disrepair. Heck, for the last year, the site was essentially broken – unable to even serve up basic content.

But we’re now heading towards the end of the first decade of the new millennium and there’s some interesting stuff to talk about. Barring that, we’re rapidly becoming barflies again, this time moving towards the cocktail scene instead of the beer world.

So, will we stick to it this time? Who knows. If nothing else, getting the site online again was a feat in itself.

Welcome to the ten year anniversary of Scowl, Nu?

PS, if you don’t get the reference… here’s a hint

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