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Feel the burn…

Well, for regular readers, you know that one of my least favorite things in the world is shaving. Why? Coarse hair that is very curly combined with sensitive skin makes shaving miserable.

Back in February, I discovered the Mach 3, what I thought was simply a scam by the razor companies to get you to buy more expensive refills but ended up being part of the recipe for salvation for my face.

Since then, I started working with a number of products to help reduce the burn… Kiehl’s Close Squadrons Shaving Cream, Clarins Shave Oil, Biotherm Razor Burn Relief. They worked but were expensive and still left be a little red.

Since then, I have found two new things, that together have finally removed the burn once and for all.

First, the Mach 3 Power – a Mach 3 with a small stepper motor in it that makes the razor vibrate which makes it cut through coarse hair like a chainsaw through, well, coarse hair. Best $19 CDN I ever spent.

Second, the Anthony Logistics line of products. Affordable (still premium pricing, but better than Kiehl’s), better smelling and unlike any other product I tried, it rinses clean easily without leaving any soap/cream residue.

Finally! A close shave and no more burn!

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  1. Larry says

    I’ve been a dedicated user of the “Art of Shaving” product line since December. The pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and after shave balm routine works like nothing I’ve ever used before.

  2. Avery says

    Yeah, but I can’t get that out here… but there are two places in Munich where I can get the Anthony stuff 🙂

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