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Last Tuesday, a friend of ours from San Francisco decided to stop in. Judy, who I worked with for the last few years before I moved to Connecticut, was visiting relatives and friends in Maine and New Hampshire, and she decided to head down south to Hartford to say hi and grab a few beers before heading back to the West Coast.

There's not much to say, other than the fact that it we had a ball. Judy made it to the apartment at 3:45, we caught some beers at the Spigot, had some pizza at Luna Pizza and then the next morning, we had breakfast and she left for Logan Airport.

However, even though there isn't much to say, there is something to show you. Judy took some pictures when she was at our soon-to-be-infamous "Gettin' the Hell out of SF" party, and I have scanned the best pictures in for the website.

This picture is of me and Rick. Rick was a Senior Manager at my office in San Francisco and was not only my mentor, but a good friend.

On the left, you will see my bestest of friends: Carlos (read the San Francisco Barfly Chronicles for more about Carlos&#41 drinking a pint of Speakeasy White Lightning.

This grainy picture is of Judy (the aforementioned visitor from San Francisco&#41 and me.

On the left of this picture is Carlos' wife, Adriana who is deep in conversation with Janet (in the center&#41, while I pose my ugly mug for the photographer (Judy&#41.

Top Row: Judy and Adriana
Bottom Row: Molly, Janet, Rick and Avery

…and here is your lovable host saying good night.

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