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Speakeasy Party

Last night was the big Speakeasy Brewing Stock Release Party at the Toronado… and since Janet and I are shareholders, we decided to break out of our work-work-and-more-work rut that we have been stuck in for the last few weeks. So, at 6pm, we dragged ourselves out of the apartment to take that grueling 1/2 block walk to the Toronado.

Ok… maybe I’m exagerating the dragging part. I mean, we do love the Toronado, and we do love Speakeasy beer, and we are friends with Steve, Mike, Eric, Forest and Julia (the Speakeasy crew). Plus, Carlos was going to be there… we decided to brave the fresh air for the 2 minute walk and head over to the bar.

We met up with Carlos on the walk there. He was on the way to our apartment to drop a couple of 64oz Growlers, full with Speakeasy beer that he had purchased for some friends in Atlanta… but when we caught up with him, we were closer to the bar than to our house, so we decided to just head back to the bar and we promised to make sure that he wouldn’t forget to take them home.

Over the next 3 hours, Carlos, Janet and I sat at a table drinking fresh Speakeasy beer with Forest (President), Steve (VP of Sales), Julia (who, I guess, is technically the First Lady of Speakeasy), and a whole host of other bartenders and regulars who came by to inquire about the stock offering and to talk to Forest about the beers.

When Janet and I got home, I suddenly realized that I probably will never have a chance to ever have a night like that again. We only have two weekends left at the Toronado, and after that, we’re on a plane off to Hartford. Sure, we’ll have to come back for the Speakeasy shareholder meetings… but our five year run at the Toronado is finally over.

Then again, there’s all of the new bars in Hartford to discover.

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