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Ginger Ale

We were at the Toronado (where else!) one night a month or so ago when in walk three overdressed not-from-the-neighborhood girls looking very fancy. They stop behind us and peer up at the board which lists all of the beers and start whispering to one another, trying to figure out what they could possibly order. One of them notices the list of non-alcoholic beverages written on the chalkboard behind the bar and says to her friends, “OOooo, ginger beer…what’s that?” “I don’t know, I don’t know!” the others say, perplexed. She then asks the bartender, who tells her it’s sort of like ginger ALE, kind of like SODA. “OOooo, there’s no alcohol in it?” she says. “Noooo, you notice how it’s on the list of NON-alcoholic beverages…” the bartender says. “Oh! Tee hee!” they say, “we NEED alcohol!” Gag, I say.

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